Monday, 7 January 2013

You say merengue

I've just realised I can't say "meringue" any more. I tried to type it and it came out "merengue". Which is Spanish for "meringue" (man, that looks really weird with the "i" in the middle of the word), and is also the name of a type of music that comes from the Dominican Republic and is exemplified by Juan Luis Guerra.

For some reason Sundays in Colombia are celebrated by baking merengue at home and driving to the side of a road somewhere busy and selling squares of it to people who celebrate Sundays by driving out of the city to find sticky sweet stuff at the side of the road. I don't pretend to understand this custom, but give me a couple more years and I'll get back to you on it. In the meantime, here's Juan Luis with one of his classics...

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