Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Importance of Redbush Tea to a Serious Relationship

Some time ago I sent out an email with our new address and contact details here in Bogotá. I think I may have mentioned several times in the email that people would obviously need the address details in order to send us parcels of redbush (rooibos, if you prefer) teabags.

Welll, it seems that one person has taken me at my word. I received this via Twitter from the lovely Camilo Tamayo:

I'm astounded. I'll be even more pleased if the parcel turns up. We're currently running a score of four parcels out of six that have successfully made it here from my mother.

So I'm not trying to put ideas into people's heads (again), but if anyone wants to post redbush tea out, I'm happy to furnish the postal address privately. In the meantime, I'm prepared to receive advice on how to set up a redbush tea importation business. I think redbush might just be what Colombia needs...

Oh, and give Camilo a follow on Twitter. He might just be the loveliest bloke on there.

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