Friday, 23 March 2012

I has won wrighting competition

I has won a wrighting competition!

Uncle Tio Fernando told me about a competition to win one of five places at the Theatre School side of the Bogota Theatre Festival which starts tomorrow. The requirements were to write them a review on one page of A4 of the last theatre show you'd seen, and send them a CV. The prize entailed going to the particular workshop, and then writing a blog about it for El Espectador, one of Colombia's only two national newspapers.

I wrote them a piece about the fabulous children's play White by the Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, which we saw in the Edinburgh Festival in 2010 (ok, so it wasn't the *last* theatre show we saw!). The article is here, for those who want to read my voluptuous prose in Spanish.

So, a day later out came the news - I'd been selected! You can see my name in the bright lights of El Espectador's website here.

So I'm off now to the first meeting, although surprise surprise, I've been selected to attend the Production Management class. Given that I've been working in theatre production on and off for more than the past 20 years, I'm curious as to what I'll be learning there. I'll probably end up giving them a master class in how to be unreasonably bolshy during production meetings, or how easy it is to wind people up when it's 2am and you're only halfway through the get-out...

For those of you in Cardiff, White visits the Sherman Cymru from 17-21 April. Even if you can't read my Spanish article about it, I can't recommend it highly enough. Take your kids, and if you don't have any, beg, borrow or... well, don't steal some, but go and see it.

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