Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hwyl Fawr Cardiff

Leaving Adamsdown for the last time - how many years have we dreamed about this day, wondered how victorious it would feel? And yet it came in a turmoil of emotions. So many happy memories, so many good friends left behind us. One last look over my shoulder as we pull away from the house where we wrote masters and doctorates, where we plotted direct actions, where we made a baby boy. This little man took us by the hand as we walked through the house for the last time and took our leave of spaces that have been more than generous with us, even if at times they have stretched our patience well past the point of sleep and reason. He seemed happy with the idea that we were saying goodbye to his only home in the world, and so we struck out for the bus station in the comfort of the car of one of my best friends. As if in harmony with our feelings, the car's wipers stopped working yesterday, and so the tears in my heart found their reflection in the unwiped raindrops blurring up his windscreen.

As the bus pulled out the police were leading a black woman away after a random stop and search on the street. Some things about this country will not be missed. Half the journey was spent with a 3yr old draped over my legs fast asleep. I have the feeling that this will become a regular occurrence. Tomorrow the Colombian embassy for a last piece of paper, and then off to Heathrow. Flat out, we are exhausted, adrenalin nerves have only just topped out, now I can stop fretting about the move for we are now moving. So hopefully Delhi will prove a quiet, relaxing, unhurried, unfussy rest stop where we can unwind and find a little bit of calm.

Won't it...?


  1. All the best comrade. Have a safe and mind expanding journey. Don't forget, on journeys like this, no matter what else you find, you will find yourself. I will be travelling with you vicariously throughout, so keep the blog updated!

  2. Gareth,
    So sorry not to be around for the leaving do's and to wish you the very best on your travels as a family. I will surely miss you. You've been such a great energy to have around. Wishing you all a great adventure! Cariad Elen Sherman Cymru x


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